PROJECT pilot line AMCCT

The market and the customers that are currently available to us have convinced us to start with the north. There are problems with fast connections with the train solutions and AMCCT corresponds well to the requirements our customers have. We will therefore put great effort into resolving Norrland traffic and today we have the foundation for a train in each direction every day. We are confident that we will soon be bringing together stakeholders so that we can run two trains.

Trains 1 and 2

Map of train lines and terminal points as we plan for the north. In a first step, the terminals will be located in the Stockholm area, Gävle, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik and Umeå. In the next step, additional terminals will be located as shown on the map


We will then interconnect Norrland traffic with southern Sweden and the lines that are in focus are those shown on the subsequent maps.




Train 3

Between Malmö and Stockholm as shown in red.


Train 4
Hälsingborg - Stockholm via Örebro / Västerås.



Train 5
Local loop around the Mälardalen region



Project start: October 2017
or when the economic base is to implement the project stage.


Estimated project cost: Between xx-yy million Skr

Estimated implementation time depends on the scope of the pilot line.


More information can be obtained from our project managers:


Project manager, Sten Lövgren.

mobile: +46 704 222 100



Project lmanager: Professor Bo-Lennart Nelldal. KTH

Mobile phone +46 70 762 30 56

email KTH:

email amcct: