The people behind the development of AMCCT



Sten Lövgren


Majority owner of Automatic Multimodal CCT AB with overall responsibility for the development and realization of the AMCCT project. Sten is also the designer of the whole CCT concept, which has now evolved to become fully automated AMCCT. CCT was originally the result of a project at KTH in Stockholm in the late 70s.


You can get in in touch with Sten
by phone: +46 704 222 100
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Professor Bo-Lennart Nelldal


Advisor on intermodal transport and partner in the CCT concept since the late 80s. Has been a professor at KTH for many years and is still active in the field. Has extensive credentials in the field. Supports continued development towards fully automated AMCCT.


You can contact Bo-Lennart
by phone: +46 70 762 30 56
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Dag Bengtsson


Dag’s task is to ensure that an animated 3D video s produced to present both the technology and the systems and describes AMCCT in a wider perspective. This is necessary because it can be difficult for a non-specialist to understand the benefits and results that are confirmed in research papers.



You can contact Dag
by phone: +46 70 956 50 79
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Jarl Hallin


Jarl Hallin was an advisor to the company regarding development of the CCT concept during the 90s and still continues in this role. Jarl has held executive positions in the manufacturing industry for many years, including CEO of Hägglunds in Örnsköldsvik and CEO of Botnia Production AB. Jarl contributes an enormous production capability and also supports the further development of a fully automated AMCCT.



You contact Jarl:
by phone: +46 70 571 55 60
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