Automatic intermodal transports according AMCCT AB
(AMCCT = Automatic Multimodal Computer Controlled Technology)


We will put a big change, both in terms of the AMCCT system, which has undergone extensive development and also localization of the company on 1/4 2018.


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AMCCT is a comprehensive and efficient energy and environmental saving system for combining different modes of transport, Multimodal Transport. We have taken the plunge and work with fully automated terminals. We work together with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) to realize AMCCT full scale. - Our analyses and the analyses conducted by researchers at KTH show that it is possible to greatly reduce transport costs when AMCCT becomes a reality. What we present below can be a reality today. But we are working towards our vision for 2025.



  1. - Transport costs for the entire transport chain are reduced by 20%

  2. - The energy consumption of the entire road-rail transport chain is reduced by 65% compared to direct truck transport and CO2 emissions are reduced by 88% with electric trains.


AMCCT terminals 

- The cost of terminal handling is reduced by 60%

- The energy consumption for terminal handling is reduced by 93%

- CO2 emissions in kg per TEU are reduced by 99% with electric drive

- The terminals are smaller and cheaper, SEK 15 million instead of 100 million, which means that you can have several small terminals closer to customers

- Break-even point for combined transport is reduced from 500 to 300 km and even lower

- We will work to get from 300 to 100 km
This provides opportunities to also distribute goods using electric power and with 0 CO2 emissions over the whole distance.

Now we’re going to make the AMCCT system with automatic terminals a reality..

Planned projects:

1 Animated video presentation of the AMCCT system

2 Build a complete AMCCT terminal

3 Build a pilot line


We are in the same setting organization and operating units for the company AMCCT realize the project.


The goal is that we can reduce the total transportation cost, improve infrastructure, and we can save an incredible amount of energy and can greatly contribute to a breakthrough on the environmental side. If you are interested to participate and know you have the skills and resources in the area.


Do not hesitate to contact us for free discussions. We aim to update the site regularly so make it a habit to visit it regularly.

Automatic Multimodal CCT AB

Develop the AMCCT system in close collaboration with KTH, Swedish industry in a joint project to build AMCCT full scale and implement the system in Sweden.


Great potential to significantly reduce transport costs globally based on nationwide AMCCT infrastructure. Substantial energy and environmental gains.

A 3D video animation is produced.

Technical team

Planned to establish a design center in Örnsköldsvik and perhaps manufacturing resources in the same locality. The question is still open.


A dynamic centerr that and will provide space for all the innovations that can bring the project closer to realization.


Marketing and Finance team

The most important task is to ensure that erfordeliga financial resources can be picked up for the realization of the overall project.


Both state and private financing options and everything must be examined in order to get a broad support for the project.

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