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We will post a new and more developed website that tells us about our version 3 of the AMCCT system. We have taken a big step forward in the development to create the reality of the AMCCT system. We will post the new website on December 15, 2018

AMCCT terminal. We have left the link to our animation of how an AMCCT terminal version 2 works. It has been developed and will be presented in the new version 3 when our real and new website will be posted on December 15, 2018. Bookmark the page and return!

The distribution in version 2 of the AMCCT system that link will be found if you click on the image, you will get to the animation that previously showed the distribution of a container and how it is left at the customer in special posts intended to receive device loads.

Some photosFrom AMCCT and also previous activities

Our experence

Together we have about 40 years of experience in intermodal transport. We were among the first in Europe who seriously began to talk about horizontal handling of unit loads. Therefore, the system developed CCT, which became AMCCT. We have taken another great development step and we will present it in a version that simply calls version 3.

Our Contacts

Sten Lövgren

Sten is responsible for AMCCT and is also the designer of the AMCCT system.

Sten was one of the first in Europe, which began to advocate horizontal handling during contact management at transhipments. Has participated in several development projects and has about 40 years of experience in intermodal transport.

Bo-Lennart Nelldal

Bo-Lennart Nelldal, PhD Professor Emeritus KTH Railway Group Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden +46 70 762 3056

KTH has done a lot of analyzes, values and dissertations where CCT and later AMCCT are included in the reports. They can answer any questions from an objective view.

Do one bookmark on the page and returned after December 15, 2018

We have developed the AMCCT system both in terms of terminal and distribution and a very big step forward has been taken, especially in the distribution. We will be able to implement radical solutions so that all shipments are completely fossil-free and we could make Sweden (and other countries) already in 2025 transitioned to countries where transports are carried out without carbon dioxide emissions and, to the least, energy consumption . It's about being innovative and thinking beyond the limits that exist today. There are major changes, but we know we can make the changes if we jointly invest in the right direction and we know we are on the right track and in the right direction. The transport and logistics area will change completely within the next 5 years.

We are now collecting a group of national, international companies and experts, and we will provide more information on December 15, 2018.

The planning available, a dynamic innovative development company in Sweden, pilots terminal in Sweden, a pilot line in Sweden!
At the same time a pilot terminal in another European country, pilot line in the same country.
At the same time a pilot terminal in an Asian country, pilot line in the same country.

Scheduling; Development Company 2018, Pilot Terminals in 2019 and Pilot Lines in 2020.


Temporary address:
AMCCT AB, Box 11, 824 23 Hudiksvall, Sweden

Sten; Mobile phone +46 704 222 100