Background AMCCT project with automatic intermodal transport.
We have for a long time has always been at the forefront when it comes to the development of intermodal transport. We have always had the environment in potentia criterion and have guided our development. We can also show that there are no contradictions between economy and reduced environmental impact - on the contrary.
  • We can demonstrate:
    - Significantly reduced energy costs.
    - minimal environmental impact.
    - Significantly reduced energy consumptions.
    - Very cost-effective transport leading to reduced transport costs.

    We are now taking the plunge and everything will be based on the fully automated terminals.


After developing parts of the ACT, in what we called the "distribution project", so it is high time to complete the whole concept.

AMMCCT distribution vehicle for 40 ft containers.


We are now putting together the organization and the companies that will be involved in the framework of AMCCT to realize the project in its entirety. Are you / you are interested contact us for an unconditional call.


A compilation of provable factors:


- Our analyzes show that we can greatly reduce transport costs for AMCCT becomes reality.


- A number of research reports, including from KTH, confirms our claims.


- A much better use of the existing infrastructure.


- A much higher utilization of the rolling material as rail-wagons, distribution vehicles etc..


- A greatly reduced environmental impact in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and the goal is "0" emissions.


- A significant reduction in the energy consumed by the transport sector is the major consumer of.


Based on the above, we are confident that there are stakeholders who work with us can and want to realize AMCCT.